To reorder your photographs, we require
the following information …

The picture number from the back of the photographs.


[Photo ID Example 1
- #2249.jpg]

The Photo ID #
is just before the .jpg


[Photo ID Example 2
- #7393_6-6X7.jpg]

The Photo ID#
is just before the .jpg

In both examples, we only need the #'s 2249 or 7393 as these are the actually Photo ID#'s.
The rest is size, file type and our developer's number.

The quantity of each print and size.
Do you want it in colour, sepia (old fashion brown tone), black and white or black and white with some selective colour left in it?
Your Email, full address, day and evening phone numbers so we have all your contact info.
Payment can be made by any major credit card. At this time we do not have a secure website, so to make a payment, please call us with payment info or leave a number where we can call you.

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*Pay using the PayPal services
Its very simple: Just let us know you want to pay using PayPal and we will send you an invoice to your email using PayPal Invoicing. Then you just go online and use their secure payment options.
Please note: You don’t need a PayPal account to use PayPal,
you can use all major credit cards and Debiy Cards.



Here is the cost for the photographs…
please note that HST and shipping is extra.

Portraits Prices
• Wallets... 4@ $10, 8 @ $18, 16 @ $25, 50 @ $65,
   100 + @ $1.00 each. (Wallets are all of the same pose)
• 1- 4x6 $8.00 4-4x6’s (same pose) $20.00
• 1- 5x7 $13.00 2-5x7’s (same pose) $20.00
• 1- 8x10 $20.00
• 1-11x14 $45.00
• 1-12x18 $65.00
• 1-16x20 $95.00
• 1- 20X24 $125.00
• 1- 24x36 $150.00

Multiple print Collages
3 to 5 poses = $30.00 for the first and $15.00 each for additional (Same Print) size 8X10

Craftsman Portraits
The Craftsman...
These portraits are color balanced for rich tones, skilfully retouched, signed and dated, and finally, laminated and mounted ready for framing without glass.
• 1-8X10 $50.00
• 1-11X14 $150.00
• 1-12x18 $200.00
• 1-16X20 $275.00
• 1-20X24 $350.00
• 1-24X30 $400.00
Top of the Line Canvas Mounted Portraits
These portraits are color balanced for rich tones, skilfully retouched, signed and dated, and finally Artfully Canvas Mounted to give you the look and feel of Art.
• 1- 8X10 $100.00
• 1-11X14 $300.00
• 1-12x18 $375.00
• 1-16X20 $450.00
• 1- 20X24 $600.00
• 1- 24X30 $750.00

Thank you and Announcement Cards - 5"X 6"
• 1 $10.00 each
• 50 or more $2.00 each
• 100 or more $1.50 each

Digital Images
Please specify the size of the Digital Image you want.
Small size (up to 4X6) for emailing
$5.00 each; 50 or more are $3.50 each.
(These will be emailed to you).
Medium size (up to 8X10) for printing
$10.00 each; 50 or more are $6.50 each.
(These will be put on a CD or Emailed to you.)
Large size (up to 24X36) for printing
$25.00 each; 25 or more are $15.00 each.
(These will be put on a CD or Emailed to you.)
Add to these prices $25.00 for formatting and CD.
Please add $4.50 for shipping and 13% HST.

4 - 4x6 images @ 5.00 ea.  
$ 20.00
CD and formatting  
$ 25.00
Shipping & Handling  
$ 4.50
13% HST  
$ 6.43

$ 55.93




If you would like to Download a copy of our
Portrait and Wedding Price List, Click here